Welcome! I'm Dawn E. Davis.  As a professional health and life coach with a doctorate in Health Psychology, I help men and women who are trying to reinvent themselves. I help them rediscover their individuality, their essence, and their personal power, so they can go on to live radiant lives! 


My Story


Some years ago, I went through a devastating life-changing divorce. One moment, I had a dynamic career in public service, working with my local union as chapter president while going to school full-time as a Ph.D. student, and the next moment, my life was turned completely upside-down.  I thought, "How can this happen to me?  This isn't supposed to happen to a faithful Christian."  During that time, my identity was rocked to the core, everything I had believed to be true was thrown into question, and I literally felt like I had lost my place in the world.  Thankfully, though, that was not the end of my story.

Once I realized that the calvary was not coming - or rather, that I WAS THE CALVARY! - I picked myself up with the help of God and committed myself to living my most radiant life. I completed my Ph.D. in Health Psychology and became a professional health and life coach.  With the experience of someone who has had to pick myself up and rewrite my own story, I want to help people make it through their life challenges, and get to the other side, where they can begin a new and glorious life! 

I want to be the person to assist you through the challenges of Life.  If you are navigating your own divorce, empty nest, loss of work, loss of faith, or any major hurdle in your path, Radiant Life Coaching is here, ready to help you rediscover, reinvent, and love yourself! 

I offer individual sessions or 90-day packages of one-to-one health and life coaching, both face-to-face (in the general Tampa, FL area) and virtual, that I will specially tailor to your personal needs.  Your initial consultation, designed to discover where you are at on your journey and where you need the most support, is absolutely free!


I am excited about the prospect of working with you, and I would be delighted to guide you on your journey! 

Live Radiantly, 

Dawn E. Davis 

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